Solid-state laser with compressor
based on stimulated scattering effect

Principle of action

Alumina-yttrium laser radiation pulses compression realized in two cuvettes – compressive and reflectance. Forming laser radiation pulse width is less then 2 ns. High radiation pulses envelope stability provided. Relative variance maximum value is less then 4·10-3. Laser radiation directional diagram angular fluctuation relative variance is 0.1 … 0.15.


Radiation wavelength, nm 1060
Radiation pulse width, not more than, ns 2
Radiation pulse energy, not less than, um 100
Pulse frequency, Hz  0 ... 100
Oscillator overall dimensions, mm
  - laboratory combination
  - instrument combination

Power supply - switch-mode, 220V, 50Hz  
Overall dimensions, mm3 120х180х250

Area of application

Short laser pulses registration processes investigation, laser location.