ADC with built-in RAM


Fluctuating analog signals registration over a long period of time, e.g. gas-dynamic laser radiation detecting. Converters ensure analog signal preamplification, transfer constant regulation over the range of 20 dB and analog-to-digit signal conversion on the preamplifier output. Through external start pulse entry, obtained results and preamplifier transfer constant values are being stored in RAM. After write cycle finish, information stored in RAM is transferred to PC via LPT or USB.



Analog channels number 1
Analog input resistance, Ohm 50
Registered signal maximum amplitude, V 1
Amplification path bandwidth, MHz 10
Amplifier transfer constant timing range, dB 20
AGC reaction time, ns 50
Analog signal quantizing level numbers 1024
Amplifier transfer constant quantizing level numbers 16
Analog signal and amplifier transfer constant sampling frequency, MHz 256
Registration interval, s 3


Area of application

Laser location, night vision systems.


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