Oscillographic scale-time transformer



Single and infrequent pulses with 0.1 … 100 V amplitude and 2·10-10…5·10-7s length detection.

Principle of operation

Time-scale transformer is a complex, consists of PC with TV I/O and transforming unit, fast oscillograph DDD and TV camcorder with CCD-matrix. Special software module form pulse signal for oscillograph preparing for realization registration for processes synchronizing, then form a signal for external devices to start. Taken oscillogram image is extracted from registered continuity, than filtered and vectorized. One can automatically transfer estimated values in PC net.

Developed registered oscillogram geometrical errors correction method ensure registered signal estimates error less than 2%. This allow us to use scale-time transformer as master gage.

Time-scale transformer

 Oscillogram image

 Samples of registrated signal


Transform channels number 1
Input resistance, Ohm 50
Transient characteristic rising time, s 8·10-10
Vertical deflection canal bandwidth, GHz 0 ... 5
Maximum transform responsivity, V/count 2·10-2
Sampling minimum period, s 2·10-12
Signal time samples number 600
Quantizing level numbers 400



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