In early 90th at last century specialists in laser location began to explore signal processing methods, which provide information about object surface geometrical dimensions, its background reflectance and object orientation relatively to laser location system.

The laboratory was founded over 15 years ago by well-known expert in quantum electronics, Doctor of Science, professor Rozhdestvin Valery Nikolaevich. Main laboratory activity is in R&D area of automatic object recognition and surface geometrical parameters measurement systems. Staff proficiency diversity (radio engineering, communication, optics, mathematics, computer engineering, production engineering) is the basis of our success in complex theoretic and experimental researches. Scientific, experimental and practice results, obtained in our laboratory, have proved an existence of theoretical and technical basis for new generation of laser location system development:

  • Non-coherent samples accumulation of special coded signals significantly improves signal detecting characteristic and enlarges laser locator range.
  • Objects surface geometrical parameters can be estimated by means of radiation correlation function parameters. Proposed method also works in case of considerable turbulence in propagation area and impossibility of direct object observation due to limitations of optical system.
  • When registered radiation has low intensity, located objects overall dimensions can be estimated by photocounts distribution analysis of the photodetector output. This fact was experimentally confirmed.
  • Objects with different shapes, which images can’t be obtained, may be surely recognized. This fact was theoretically proved and experimentally confirmed.
  • Practical realization possibility of proposed locating signal registration and processing methods was experimentally confirmed.