Laser location of small and distant objects


Registration and analysis of long-range portraits


Long-range portrait is integral characteristic of object. Comparision of registered long-range portrait with a priory known may be used for located object classification and it's orientation related to location system

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Distant object angular dimensions estimation based
on correlation function parameters of scattered laser radiation


When it is impossible to get quite good object's image due to difractional limits the correlation function parameters of scattered radiation analysis method can be used for object's angular size estimation


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Distant objects dimensions estimation based on photocounts distribution parameters


For distant (~100 km and more) located objects the intensity of received scattered radiation is low. Received signal on photodetector's output is a sequence of small current pulses, known as photocounts. It is possible to estimate degrees of freedom number by means of photocounts distribution characteristics analysis. In case of a priory determined location conditions it's possible to estimate object's size.

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