Multichannel digtal-to-analog converter


Multichannel digital-to-analog converter is used for adaptive mirror analog command forming, which amplitude set up by commands from PC via USB.

Multichannel digital-to-analog converter

Module has: USB interface; output voltage stabilization system, which guaranties its deviation less than +-0.01% with USB source voltage deviations in USB 2.0 standard limits; module power supply soft start. Operation speed is highest possible, when initial output voltages in all module channels are synchronized. Also neuronet computer can be used in module for different mirror control adaptive algorithms.

Software, working in Win2k/XP, ensure active module choice, data packet forming and its transfer to active module. Up to four modules can be connected to one PC simultaneously.



Analog channels number 40
Analog signal quantizing level numbers 4096
Channel output voltage turndown, V  0…5,5
Maximum channel output voltage limits, V 2,5…5,5
Every channel acceptable ohmic load, kOhm 100
Every channel acceptable capacity, pF 500
Channel output voltages setup synchronized
Power source USB