Hardware-software complex
for oculographic research activities (prototype)


This complex is used for human eye movement dynamic researches while looking on different images. It is based on measurement of potentials which are proportional to eyeball position. Complex provides image composition, electrode system signals registration, results logging, its processing and analysis. It can be used indoor at environment temperature +15 ... +30C and relative humidity not more than 70%.

Complex includes

  1. oculograph,
  2. image forming and signal registering software,
  3. results processing software.



Oculograph ensure:

  • Electric potential registration of eyeball deviation in horizontal and vertical channels in limits of 0…2 mV;
  • External noises compensation;
  • Automatic compensation of static electric potential during central eyeball position;
  • Registered values transmitting on PC via RS-232.

There is the galvanic separation between signal registration unit, power supply and RS-232 signal forming unit therefore electric breakdown minimum voltage is 4 kV.


Signal registration channel number 2
Maximum registered electric potential, V  2·10-3
Quantizing level numbers  4096
Sampling period, s   4·10-3
Power supplier voltage 12
Power consumption, V·A 2
Environmenal conditions +15 ... +30 °С,
humidity <70% 


Results processing

LookScript is software which is used for image composition and signal registration. It records signal values into result database. Database has patients list which can be edited, oculographic signals records list, structured signal records. Database management system ensure insert and edit of existed patients data, oculographic signal records list view related to some patient and signal records view. To provide correct record and interpretation of registered signals, estimation of patient’s individual parameters such as constant signal bias levels and signal values, registered on field of vision limits is done. Measuring device is tuned in result of automatic oculograph calibration and field of vision limits tuning.

LookAnalyse is our software which is used for:

  • High frequency noises filtration in registered signals;
  • Signal imaging in the form of time dependence;
  • Pulse noises removal, appeared while winking;
  • Oculographic signals normalizing by results of field of vision limits tuning;
  • Registered trajectory of pupil movement imaging;
  • Pupil static position duration in given values analysis interval histogram forming;
  • Pupil average movement speed in given values analysis interval histogram forming;
  • Registered trajectory of look movement upon image with this image matching.



Complex has diploma of Moscow international saloon of industrial property “Archimed-2004”.