High power nanosecond semiconductor laser


Principle of action

Laser radiation source is matrix of semiconductor injector lasers. Designed pumping current pulses source provide preliminary pump pulses with 50 ... 200 ns width and synchronized with it main pump pulses with 2 ... 4 ns width and 120A amplitude. It is possible to form powerful radiation impulse up to 100ns width.


Powerful semiconductor laser and envelopes
for long and short laser radiation pulses


Radiation wave length, nm ~900
Radiation pulse width, ns 2 ... 4
Radiation pulse peak power, not less than, W 500
Pulse frequency, Hz 0 ... 1000
Radiation pulse envelope estimates abmodality
for 1000 estimates ensemble, %


Area of application

Investigations of laser radiation short pulses registration in laser location. Stroboscopic investigations: combined with high-sensitivity TV-camera such laser was used for movement dynamics and interaction parameters detection for solid parts in supersonic airflow.



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