High voltage harmonic signal generator HVGP-250


Harmonic signals and radio-frequency pulses of triangular or rectangular envelope shape with amplitude up to 250V generation for liquid crystal media’s (up to 1000 pF capacitance accepted) optical features modulation.

HVGP-250 is connected to control PC via USB port. Control software operates in OS Windows and allows to set up and change all tunable signal’s parameters and operational modes.

Генератор HVGP-250

Control software


Fields of application

  • metrological processes;
  • duty cycle investigations of active optical components;
  • quality control of optical components;
  • researches of anisotropic optical media;



Complex load, capacitive:  
– load capacitance, nF <1
– resistive impedance, kOhm >100
Pulse repetition rate, Hz 0 ... 1000
- integrated short circuit and overload protection
- output current hardware monitoring

Generated signal features
– radio-frequency pulses shape triangular or rectangular
– harmonic signal frequency range 10 Hz ... 50 kHz
– harmonic signal frequency increment 0,1 Hz
 harmonic signal amplitude range  1 ... 250 V
– harmonic signal amplitude increment 0,1 V

ADC conversion

-10 discrete amplitude levels, sampling period 0,1 ms

Operational characteristics

Internal power supply ~220 V, 50 Hz
Cooling air, active
Dimensions, mm3 150х200х100
Operating temperature range +15 ... +30°С



  1. integration in equipment set for centralized control;
  2. generation of pulses with arbitary (including pseudorandom) shapes; minimal transient time for carrier frequency amplitude’s change is equal to carrier’s period