Laser diode bars and arrays pumping current generator


Universal generator SVETINFO-I provides current pulses with amplitude up to 350A for laser diode bars and arrays (LDB and LDA) in-feeding. Autonomous and external guide (PC with USB interface) moedes are foreseen.

Unified command system allows to integrate SVETINFO-I into LDB/LDA characteristics measurement and climatic/endurance survey automated sets.

Active power corrector in integrated PSU provides protection from input power overvoltage and robustness to high power line noise.



non-linear, complex
Output signal's types and parameters:
  – single current pulse
  – sequence of current pulses
  – current pulse's leading edge duration, µs
  – current pulse's trailing edge duration, µs

Current pulse amplitude range, A
5 ... 350
Current pulses amplitude instability, % (constant load)
Current pulses repetition rate, Hz
1,0 ... 50,0
Current pulses duration range, us
20 ... 300
Power supply
  – power consumption, V·A
  – cos φ
 ~220 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm3
Weight, kg
Operating temperature range, °C
+15 ... +30
* no output voltage polarity changes
while current pulse trailing edge forming