The semiconductor pulsed lasers radiation pulses energy

parameter measuring unit



The SVETINFO-E unit provides laser radiation pulses registration and their energy and time parameters measurement. The SVETINFO-E unit is intended for mounting on the front mounting panel of the heat-stabilized cooler SVETINFOR-R-plus or SVETINFOR-R and is used in conjunction with them.

The spherical shape and a measuring cavity’s special light-reflecting coating makes possible to measure the energy parameters of laser radiation sources with a radiation pattern of complex shape.

The generator can operate both in stand-alone mode and in external control mode using a computer connected via a USB interface.

The unified system of control commands allows the generator to be used as part of automated systems for measuring the parameters of laser diode bars (LDB) and laser diode arrays (LDA), as well as conducting climatic and life tests of such products.



Measuring unit SVETINFO-E

Complex of measuring unit SVETINFO-E and thermostabilized cooler SVETINFO-R-plus


The image shows the laser radiation intensity distribution in the measuring sphere. Red circles indicate the position of 5 photodetectors. The glow in the central region of the sphere’s projection characterizes the radiation pattern shape of the particular emitter. For this emitter, when it rotates relative to the emitter plane normal, the measurement error is ~10%.



Emitter type LDB LDA
Measuring energy ranges 5,0 mJ ... 0,10 J 5,0 mJ ... 1,0 J
Laser beam divergence, ° 30х90 30х90
Instantaneous power measurement error1),
%, no more
10 10
Duration of registered laser radiation pulses, µs 3 ... 2500
Wavelength of registered laser radiation pulses2), nm 800 ... 950
Pulse repetition rate3), Hz 0 ... 100
Power supply – CAN network
Power consumption, no more than, V•A  
+15 V
Overall dimensions (h×w×d), mm3 85×255×320
Weight, no more than, kg 2
Operating temperature range, °С +15 ... +30

     1) is determined by the calibration accuracy;
     2) taken into account during calibration;
     3) is set by the pump current pulse generator;