Light field registration system LFRS


This system was built for light field registration, its visualizing and main field parameters obtaining. System provides laser diode bars and array adjustment, used for laser active element pumping, and laser resonation adjustment. Special operation modes, which provide laser radiation dynamic parameters evaluation, are foreseen.



Essential features

  • Light field registration during registration period occurs with 20ms period.
  • Start point of time and external event (pumping pulse forming, laser shutter switching, etc.) synchronizes with high precision (±100 ns)
  • Registered light field screening happens momentary on monitor with VGA input.
  • Registered data is transmitted to a control PC via USB-CAN commutation module for logging and post processing.
  • Main laser radiation field parameters evaluates with counts sampling of 25Hz.


  • Solid-state laser constructions creating
  • Laser radiation generation processes researches, includes radiation parameters long time stability researches
  • Laser installation and adjustment metrological and technological providing
  • Laser radiation parameters evaluation automatic complex construction

System components

CAN - PC commutation module

+24V power supply
and CAN splitter

TV-signal registration
and synchronizing module
System control software


Дополнительные материалы

  1. System description (PDF, 2.1 Mb)