Pumping and thermostating multichannel system
for laser diode bars MCPS-120



A system of smart modules interconnected via noise-immune Controller Area Network (CAN) provides synchronous forming of highly stable pump current pulses for one or several laser diode bars and automatic maintenance of temperature for each bar. The system provides different optical schemes of solid-state laser active component pumping.



Essential features

  • synchronous operation of up to 32 laser diode bars
  • forming of pumping current pulses with controlled amplitude (10…120 A) and duration (50…250 us)
  • measurement of the absolute value of temperature for each laser diode bar with an accuracy of ±0,1 °С
  • centralized management of the operation mode and control of the state for each bar individually
  • forming of engaging pulses for an external controller of the laser resonator’s cavity dumper and synchronization of other devices
  • multistage protection of laser diode bars against damage during the operation
  • possibility for building a complex for automatic measurement laser radiation parameters.


  • development of new solid-state lasers
  • investigation of radiation generation processes in solid-state lasers with pulse laser diode bar pumping
  • analysis of properties and measurement of laser radiation parameters.

System components

CAN - PC commutation module


+24V power supply and CAN splitter


Pumping current pulses forming
and thermostating modules
for laser diode bars

Temperature logging module
for laser diode bars

MCPS Control
System control softwareа



  1. System description (PDF, 5.5 Mb)